Saturday, January 30, 2010

Camera Ready: Date #2 – Mr. Easy Conversation

Date #2 took place on a Thursday night at a casual roadhouse themed restaurant. He was on time, which is very important to me, when he arrived he looked genuinely happy to see me. We had a few hiccups earlier in the day trying to decide if we were going out, he had a birthday party for a relative to attend. My personal opinion on those types of scenarios is this: your plans with me came first and we are trying to establish if we like each other or have chemistry so you need to stand by our original plans. I understand that everybody has stuff come up from time to time but that’s when you have to get creative and work it out on your end, don’t ask me to change my day as I am busy enough as is. This is just one of my deal breakers, we all have them.

Once we me and got acquainted the conversation flowed quite nicely, in fact this is probably one of the best conversations I’ve had with anyone in a while. He did bring up some unsavory topics a few times but I just smiled nodded and didn’t really jump on those topics, I think he got the hint and changed the topic. My biggest issue with him, his mighty big ego and he is way too nonchalant to be with me. His ego and “it’s just not that serious” mentality just won’t work well with my personality; we are too much alike, and I am looking for someone to bring some balance to a relationship. When both individuals aren’t really willing to put that extra bit of work in the relationship won’t blossom. I also think that at 38 he is way to set in his ways to compromise enough to be with someone. This is really making me think I need to date men between 27-32 maybe. I want to try dating a younger guy next but we will just have to wait and see what the universe brings me.

All in all it was a good date. I think I will keep him around to talk and just hang out with but I don’t really see things going any further than that.

And scene. 

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