Friday, January 22, 2010

Camera Ready: Date #1- Mr. TMI

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about my first time out the gate while embarking upon this experiment. We went to a dinner lounge in our neighborhood last night. When I walked in the door he already had two drinks in his hands and neither one was for me. He’s a decent looking guy, with a little work I think I he could be handsome. We decided to sit at the bar, which is great for a first date because if things aren’t going well it’s an easy out. Conversation started out pretty good then took a turn for the worse. I will admit that I am a head strong person with lots of opinions, this is the number one reason I shouldn’t date lawyers – they like to argue. Now you don’t have to agree with me on everything I am fine with agreeing to disagree and finding a more pleasant topic. I tried this method several times and he just kept getting stuck on certain issues. Eventually the conversation got back on track and we ended up talking longer than I thought we would.
He stepped out to take a smoke break, which left little ole me sitting at the bar all alone. While he was out another gentleman walked in saw me at the bar, made some small talk and gave me his business card. I informed him that I was on a date but that I was indeed single and free to see whomever I want. I am going to give him a call today because I have a long way to 30.
Overall it was a decent outing but I doubt we will go out again. There really wasn’t any real chemistry and to be honest I think he smokes and drinks a little more than I am comfortable with. So I guess it’s on to the next one.
Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the highlight of the date – I saw Gary Williams at the bar!! I walked in like holy smokes is that Gary Williams? If you wonder why I was so excited, I went to Univ of Maryland College Park and the year we won the championship was my senior year. My boy GW took us all the way. GOOO TERPS.

And Scene!!

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