Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fully Equipped Barbie: Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I believe you never know where you are going unless you know where you've been. I am in my mid twenties, I am an educated, professional woman of color who generally has it together. I feel that I am wiser than my years and life experiences have put their mark on me. I work full time in the Medical Field, I possess a Master's Degree and in pursuit of my PhD. I live alone in a luxury community, no children, and very much independent. I am the "guys girl" I love football and boxing and paintballing in the mud is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. I am the "cool" girl, and in the past I have been thrown into the "homie" and "cool as I don't know what pile" by every guy I dated. I am attractive and I possess a fuller figure that I fully embrace..I am in fact FULLY equipped. I am also the woman that attracts the man that is already in the relationship or has more baggage than Prada. After asking questions such as "Why would you go out of your way to talk to me if you were in a relationship?" I was told it was my personality that attracted them and they had to see what I was about. Maybe it's my caring and nurturing personality? Or possibly my Boobs. I am extremely social, and I love to laugh. I can throw one HELL of a party. I have some rather amazing friends that are supportive and overall I consider myself an open and well rounded person.

Unlike many women I also acknowledge and embrace my faults, anything is bound to roll out of my mouth at any time. LOL. I say exactly what I mean, I do exactly what I want to do and I know exactly where I am going in life. TO THE TOP! I am the typical type A, shot caller, overly confident as in I am my number one fan. I've been successful in every aspect of my life for the exception of relationships. I feel that I am a part of that 42% of Professional African American women that will never get married. I, like so many other women search for my IBM (Ideal Black Man) I had a crazy criteria where he couldn't be older than a certain age, he couldn't be shorter than a certain height, he couldn't have any children, and so on and so forth. I am throwing my check list out the window and going with my instinct that mother nature embedded in each woman on this planet. I am going to be more open about dating older men, outside of my race and giving a chance to the guy that I normally wouldn't. The only two items left on my check list is consistency and balance.

So why now? Why this experiment? Well that is simple.. You miss what you never had. I hope that my posts will be an inspiration to women, especially those with fuller figures and those professional women who may find it hard to step away from the paperwork and step into dating with an option of love. I think society should begin wrapping their minds around the fact that women can do it all, we can be career women, mothers, wives, best friends and advocates 365 days of the year.

I assure you, my posts will be entertaining with a certain level of comedic value. LOL. My life is one big story book.. feel free to flip through.

Fully Equipped Barbie

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