Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Right Now, Is Always the Best Time.

Dating is difficult as it is, but somehow you've manage to prepare yourself for a meet and greet to possibly start a full-filling relationship. You've read your books, magazines, blogs, talked to your girlfriends and even said a little prayer that included a special plea to ensure that you do not spill your wine all over your new outfit that you just bought for this special occasion. You go over talking points in your head and maybe even take a shot of alcohol in the car before you go into the restaurant. All of these emotions from excitement, to anxiety covers the emotional spectrum of dating. This blog will serve as a memoir of two women's journey into the dating world. We will be going on 30 dates a piece between now and September (60 dates total). In preparation for this we've cleared out our phones and threw caution to the wind. We will recount the dates with our male suitors with every detail to what we wore and where we went to interesting factoids about our dates. This blog will serve as an experimental relationship and dating how to guide discussing where to go to meet new men, preparation for first dates and even some tricks on flirting and attracting men.
Often as women we find articles and professionals that tell US what we need to do in order to attract, date, attain, and marry the man of our dreams. Well what about the guys? What do THEY need to know about us to attract, date, attain and marry us?
As we step out of our comfort zone we will boldly experience interracial dating, dating the man with children, throwing away our checklist of our ideal perfect man, dating older men, and so on to find what everyone in this world needs...Love.

You can follow each woman's dating experience through our self identifying names in each title.

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