Thursday, February 25, 2010

Camera Ready: RTD Bedtime Stories

Sometimes I feel like the Prince from Cinderella. I have my glass slipper, I’ve let several people try it on and no one seems to fit it. I know the person who it’s made for is out there, my mate has already been picked for me by the Lord. But I am growing tired of letting folks try my precious slipper on. Other times I feel like Goldilocks eating the porridge. One is to hot and the other too cold I just want to find the one that is just right. I go out with one guy but it seems the chemistry just isn’t there and then I go out with someone else and he is just ready to go right now but I know deep down I don’t feel the same way.
I know I am not even at the halfway mark on this journey, but there are times when I look at the couples around me and I just want that same level of comfort you have from spending quality time with that special someone. But alas, I must push through this, the journey will continue. I am going out a few times this weekend so hopefully I will meet someone interesting who I have a spark with. That’s what I am missing right now a spark or some kind of fire to get things going. On the other hand I have to keep in mind that sometimes a fire can leave you burned. Just food for thought.

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