Sunday, February 21, 2010

Camera Ready: Mr. Hook Up - Take 2

I went out with Mr. Hook Up again this weekend. The snow storms made it hard for us to get together after our first date. First we had dinner at his place, he made pasta and I made dessert. We listened to music and made conversation while we ate. He is a big music lover and I thought this would be a great chance to introduce him to a few artists that I really like that I knew he hadn’t heard of. It was a great connection point for the two of us. Overall it was real chill the food was good and then we were off to see Chrisette Michelle. So all in all this should have been a great date, emphasis on SHOULD. While we were at the venue waiting for her to hit the state there were a lot of long breaks in conversation. This was a bit awkward and I had to keep the conversation rolling. I know I need a man that can pick up the conversation sometimes and carry it along but I don’t think that is his thing. On the ride home the conversation did pick up a bit as the topic was dating and our past mistakes. After the concert we went back to his place so I could pick my car and I just knew that he was getting my kiss or something. And you know what I got nada not even a hug. I was really confused, like really no hug all night long and no kiss. I questioned if we had chemistry but I was trying to wait until he kissed me before I passed judgment. At this point I doubt that we do and I don’t see the two of us hanging out together again. I refuse to be the aggressor, I believe a man should be a man and if he is so scared of rejection that he can’t make the first move then he isn’t the guy for me. Oh well my quest for a kiss continues,I wonder how many dates I will have to go through before I get my first kiss? Hmmm. So as Jigga would say I guess it’s on to the next one.

And scene.

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