Monday, March 8, 2010

Camera Ready: Date #4 Mr. Say What

I met Mr. Say What at a local area lounge. Our initial conversation was brief but he was cute so I figured why not when he asked me for my phone number. Let’s just say that this dude has not mastered the fine art of conversation, and it is indeed an art. We played phone tag for a few weeks before we finally got together Sunday afternoon for lunch. He was late, which a huge no-no in my book as I am always on time. When he walked in my first thought was “okay nice looking” and then he sat down and the first question out his mouth was “so you really looking for somebody?” At which point I was like ‘Say What’ shouldn’t we at least get to dessert before you ask those types of questions. Needless to say this dude had absolutely no conversation what so ever. I thought to myself there is no way I could spend large amounts of time with you I need someone who can stroke me mental as well as physically. We ended up making small talk over the rest of the meal. When we parted ways we hugged and mentioned speaking later but I seriously doubt that will happen. His conversational skills were just not up to par for me. Something about him was just a little off. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but something just ain’t right with Mr. Say What, he was little to fidgety wasn’t making direct eye contact and I think he was having trouble doing basic math…so once again it’s on to the next one. I need some prayer cause I hope I find him soon.

And scene.

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